Friday Fun | Fall Favorites

As I mentioned in this post, summer is quickly coming to a close and fall is right around the corner. One of my favorite parts of autumn? The changing leaves!


What’s your favorite part of the fall season? The cooler weather? Bonfires? A pumpkin spice latté? The promise of the holidays right around the corner?

I’ll be giving away a copy of Amish Values for Your Family to one person who does the following and tells me in a comment below:

  1. That he or she has signed up for my blog
  2. The answer to the above question

I’ll announce the winner next Friday! Good luck.

Speaking of winners, thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Friday Fun. The winner of a copy of Amish Values for Your Family is Christine W! Please email your mailing address to to claim your prize!

Oh, and don’t forget to come to the Barnes & Noble in Antioch, California, tomorrow if you’re in the area! Sarah Sundin and I would love to meet you! (Details here.)

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About Suzanne

Suzanne Woods Fisher writes bestselling, award winning fiction and non-fiction books about the Old Order Amish for Revell Books. Her interest in the Plain People began with her Old Order German Baptist grandfather, raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne's app, Amish Wisdom, delivers a daily Amish proverb to your phone or iPad. She writes a bi-monthly column for Christian Post and Cooking & Such magazine. She lives with her family in California and raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. To Suzanne's way of thinking, you can't take life too seriously when a puppy is running through your house with someone's underwear in its mouth.


  1. Melanie Backus says:

    After a brutely hot Texas summer, the first hint of cooler weather always revitalizes me. I just feel better. But hand in hand with those cooling temps, the vivid reds, and yellows and oranges that start showing themselves is the best of all. God’ coloring book comes in to full view and his handiwork is beautiful! Fall is my absolutely favorite season!

  2. connie saunders says:

    I have signed up for your blog.

    I love the beautiful colors of the leaves, the wonderful flavors of fresh apples and pumpkins and the realization that family holiday celebrations are right around the corner!!

  3. Danielle Koenig says:

    My favorite thing about Fall is absolutely everything…The cooler weather, eating campfire chili…football, and with all of it, being together with my family. I am truly blessed. 🙂

  4. Mary Ellsworth says:

    I am signed up for your blog for some time now. My favorite part of fall … hmmmm … the beautiful color palette that God paints, the cooler weather (definitely) AND the promise of the holidays & birthdays coming ~ probably in that order. My “babies'” birthdays & the birthdays of some of their babies are also in the fall. So it’s definitely a beautiful time of year and my favorite of all the seasons. Thanks for your writing!

  5. The cooler weather, the brilliantly-hued leaves, craft shows, times spent with family, Pumpkin pie, and memories of Autumns past. It is my favorite season.

  6. Suzanne,

    I follow your blog and my favorite thing about fall is the cool temps and changing leaves.

  7. Katie Dell says:

    I am signed up, and follow your blog. I would have to say that my favorite part of fall is probably the beautiful colors that nature displays during this time of year, and cooler temps, are definitely a close second.

  8. Michele Moore says:

    I have signed up for your blog, and there are so many things I love (and miss) about fall. They’re magnified for me because I’ve lived in Florida for 24 years, where fall is simply a continuation of hot, humid summer. I love and miss…picking apples; taking walks outdoors when you can just begin to see your breath in puffs of steam; raking the many-hued, crisp, dry leaves into piles; carving pumpkins; seeing porches decorated with gourds and big pots of mums. I miss everything about fall.

  9. Mary Dean says:

    The whole atmostphere of fall is great. I love the anticipation of the change from summer to fall. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, the closeness of snuggling together in the chilly weather.

  10. Katie Johnson says:

    I’ve signed up for your blog and my favorite things about fall are the cooler temperatures and the fall decorations!

  11. June Horne says:

    I am signed up for your blog and enjoy reading your books. My favorite part of fall is that we can look forward to cooler temperatures after the hot summer. We see God’s handiwork again with the changes in the world around us. I enjoy looking out my kitchen window and watching the changes in the trees all around us. I look forward to celebrating Jesus birthday once again.

  12. Kristie D. says:

    Signed up for your blog. I love apple cider and the smell of fall in the air. I HATE raking leaves. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  13. Rita Clements says:

    The cool, crisp air of fall along with the tastes of fall are my favorite. I also love to take long walks in the woods and see all the beautifully colored leaves. My horse loves to go riding more in the crisp air and so we both enjoy that! As the summer heat leaves, in comes the ability to bake more!

  14. Kathy S. says:

    I’m already signed up for your blog 🙂 I love because of the beautiful colours, changing season, snuggly clothes and most of all because one of my sons is born in October!

  15. mary branham says:

    I am ready for fall. I like fall and spring. Summer too hot and winter too cold. I also love pumpkin and pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie . So good. I also like to make applesauce, apple crisp and all those good treats.

  16. Linda Landreth says:

    Oh, please enter me in the give away! I love your books!

  17. Hope Anderson says:

    Signed up for ur blog. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cool crispness in the air, the leaves changing into a beautiful array of colors and Thanksgiving is here.

  18. Cindi Altman says:

    My favorite part of fall is horseback riding through the woods. I love to hear the crunching of leaves created by my horse’s hooves and take in God’s beauty while I ride.

    I follow this blog via email. Ü

  19. Linda Kish says:

    I am an email subscriber to your blog. Here in So Cal we don’t really have a fall. It’s just a continuation of summer until November. Then the rainy season starts. At least then it’s under 100 again. I do like when the pumpkin patches start being erected around town. It reminds me that Halloween is coming and it’s supposed to cool down soon. I like that persimmons ripen and I can makes cookies then and I can start thinking about fruit cakes. And turkeys! Yay.

  20. Nancy says:

    Dear Suzane,
    My favorite part of fall is being able to bake and take a break from the hot weather here. Being able to wear my sweaters, plan for my sons birthday that is always halloween theme, and decorating the house for Christmas, which I do the day after thanks giving. I even buy over priced pumpkins to make jack o lanterns because I love the smell of the pumpkin cooking. As you know i’m in Saudi Arabia (i do have a US forwarding address in case i’m picked) I try my best to make it home 🙂

  21. Shaun Renee Paulsen says:

    I have signed up for your blog. I think the best thing I like about fall is the changing colors of the leaves too. I’m not quite ready for summer to leave though, I like warm weather. Cold temperatures and snow are not for me.

  22. Vicky says:

    I signed up for your blog.

    I love the cooler weather and the color changes of the leaves on the trees.

  23. Jennifer C says:

    What’s your favorite part of the fall season? Ah fall… In Texas fall typically means we go from triple digits to 80-90* weather. I enjoy all the fall décor that I actually started shopping for today. The pumpkin and ginger scented candles, body wash, and air fresheners really make our house seem more like home. And this year, my favorite part of fall will be the possibility of my husband returning home for a short visit during his year long remote tour to the sandbox. However, that visit may get cancelled and we’ll have to wait until Christmas.

    I am signed up for your blog.

  24. Donna Brookmyer says:

    I have signed up for your blog via e-mail. The things I love most about fall are the beautiful leaves and cooler weather.

  25. Barbara says:

    Hi, I follow your blog. I love the changing of the leaves and the chilly fall weather.

  26. Michelle says:

    Pumpkin spice latte!!! Leaves, cooler weather,food!

  27. MS Barb Dawson says:

    Yep, I’m signed up for your blog! I like Fall b/c of the cooler temperatures, and it’s Harvest Time in my rural area…and our county fair starts the week after Labor Day…and the smell of outdoor bonfires…and the BEAUTIFUL colors!

  28. Mary says:

    I love fall because it is when the crops all get harvested. I grew up on a farm, and I always have loved the smells that come along with the harvest.

  29. Mary says:

    Oh, and I did sign up for your blog

  30. michelle conti says:

    The cooler weather, the pretty colors and pumpkins 🙂

  31. Donna hixson says:

    I love Fall for the besutiful colors that are produced on the trees.They are just awesome. I have signed up for your blog and enjoy reading them as well as your books.I am totally in love wiath reading the about the Amish.

  32. Bonnie says:

    I love everything about fall – the changing colors of the leaves; cool, crisp, mornings; hayrides & bonfires; anything with pumpkin – to eat; not cocoa; Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for an opportunity to win a book!

  33. Bonnie says:

    P.S. I follow your blog by e-mail.

  34. Angie Carroll says:

    I love bonfires and going to pumpkin farms and apple farms with my preschoolers that I teach! I also love to decorate my room for that time!

  35. My trips to Vermont in the fall are my favorite. When you ride along – no billboards, no crazy traffic, beautiful foliage, Norwich University Football, Vermont Maple syrup. I have to stop now, this is making me crazy.

  36. Suzanne, I love winter because the weather starts to get a little cooler, and, love the colors change to autumn oranges, yellows, and reds. Tho, in the part of TX. where I live that are in short to find. It was beautiful in WYO. KS., and even OK. Wish was more here. f course where I am situated issn’t a place where I can see much besides other mobile homes. I already follow your blog. Maxie

  37. Joannah Cotta says:

    I’m Signed Up On Your Blog And Love It.
    My Favorite Part Of Fall Is The Crisp Coolness
    In The Mornings And Evenings.

  38. sharon says:

    I signed up for your blog. Fall means the holidays which are very early this year and thanks for my health.

  39. Sonja says:

    Hi Suzanne, I am an avid follower of your blog and just bought one of your books at the local grocery store, “The Letters”. Can’t wait to start. Love your books and enjoy one I have read.

  40. Sonja says:

    Suzanne, I forgot to answer the question! I guess it’s been a long day at work. As for fall, I look forward to Halloween especially because the grandkids come by and are all dressed up and they look so cute. I have a little cemetery of tombstones that have their little place in the front yard. Being a “genealogist” it’s my little trademark! The mountains are close to my house and the leaves are just beautiful each fall. The only thing I don’t like about fall is knowing that winter is just around the corner…

  41. Ola Norman says:

    I love the colors of fall and a deep blue sky!

  42. Ola Norman says:

    I love the colors of fall and a deep blue sky!

  43. Wendy Looker says:

    I love my annual trip to Lancaster with my daughter where we meet my parents. We do this every Columbus Day weekend! This is truly my peace. We stay with a Mennonite family, eat at our favorite restaurants, visit with an Amish family, go to farmers markets, yard sales and the Weavertown Amish Mennonite Church! I never grow tired of this trip!

  44. Linda D. McFarland says:

    #1 I have signed up for your blog.
    #2 I love Fall for the colors, cooler temps, smells, soups/chili, the holidays, what’s not to love about Fall. Thanks for the opportunity to win…Linda

  45. Irene H says:

    What I enjoy most about autumn is watching the squirrels running back and forth in my yard collecting nuts and hiding them away for the winter months ahead. They look so cute with their cheeks stuffed full. The beautiful colours are my second favorite thing.

  46. Kathy Faberge says:

    Cooler weather and glorious, colorful leaves.!When my granddaughter was almost 4, we were riding in the car and on both sides of the road were big, older, trees with fall colored leaves at their peak. I told her to look at all the beautiful leaves! She said confidently, God did that!

  47. My very favorite time of year is Fall (Christmas also). I like the cooler weather, beautiful artwork that only God can paint, and the crispness of it all. I’m already signed up for and receive your Blog. JudyF

  48. I have signed up for your blog.

    I am a sensual person and I love the spicy smell of fall, the nippy weather, the color. (I am from N. GA. and our fall colors are every bit as pretty as New England) and the taste of fall. Pinterest is already posting pumpkin recipes and I’m ready for pumpkin pie, apple too!

  49. Evelyn Lortz says:

    Definitely the cooling temperatures. There is nothing better than spending a day in the yard raking leaves then coming inside to a hot bowl of soup and fresh bread.

  50. Susan Johnson says:

    I love fall, and my favorite things are pumpkins and scarecrows.
    I am signed up for your blog.

  51. My favorite part of fall is all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. A beautiful painting done by God’s own hand.

    Wanda Barefoot

  52. mbw says:

    I have been following your blog for a while, and buy all your books for our library (true confession: I red them before I give them over to be cataloged because otherwise it would take months before I got my turn!)
    My favorite part of fall is getting my sweaters out again!

  53. Vicki says:

    My favorite part of fall is the crisp crackling of beautiful fall leaves of varied colors–especially the neon reds, yellows and oranges that you get on the East Coast–I live on the West coast & our leaves are pretty, but not as vivid as the ones on the East Coast.

  54. Bonnie Traher says:

    Cooler temps.

  55. Lanore Lewis says:

    I love the color of fall, the trees changing.

  56. Linda Landreth says:

    I have a “thing” for pumpkins so I love to bring out my collection of pillow pumpkins and decorate with them and ceramic pumpkins!

  57. Amy says:

    I signed up!

  58. Amy says:

    My favorite thing about fall is all the wonderful things that harvest time lends itself to as a family. Cooler weather means more time outside together, storing pumpkin together, canning applesauce, etc. Fall is wonderful!

  59. angela chesnut says:

    I follow your blog. The leaves changing color and the cooler weather.


  61. Sandi Ansell says:

    I love the cool mornings…the changing colors in the leaves and the thought that Christmas is right around the corner!

  62. Brenda Ayers says:

    I love the fall colors, seeing God’s Coloring Book. I would love to win this book.

  63. Lynn Brokaw says:

    One of my favorite things about fall is always the way it smells. The floral scents of summer are gone, and the crisp, fresh air, the smell of cider and pumpkins, the smell of the incoming snow, brings promise of rest and renewal. It has always been my favorite time of the year!

  64. DeAnn O says:

    I love fall! Cooler temps, leaves changing colors, pumpkin patch trips…just love all of it!

  65. Doreen S. says:

    what I love best about Fall is ALL things pumpkin and apple!

  66. Carol Carman says:

    My favorite part of fall is being able to spend more time outdoors – comfortably!

  67. Carol Carman says:

    And I already follow your blog!

  68. Andrea Woodard says:

    I love the changing of the leaves in the fall, although, you really don’t see that in Florida that much. Sure do miss it. So, I guess my second favorite would be the cooler weather, can turn off the air conditioner and the house is nice and cool.

  69. Ida Shirley Davis says:

    my favorite part of fall is the changing color of the leaves. thanks for letting me enter this contest thanks ida davis email is

  70. Tammy Courts says:

    I follow your blog.
    I love the colors – from the leaves changing to pumpkins! It’s such a beautiful time of the year!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. Donna Taylor says:

    Fall is my favorite time of the year. From the changing colors to the sweet smells of fall. Big fan of pumpkins and apples.
    I follow your blog. Thanks for the chance to win. God Bless.

  72. Linda Knott says:

    My favorite part of Fall is the crispness in the air and the reminding that the cool weather brings pumpkins and turkey. I follow your blog and appreciate your sharing of books with your followers. Thanks.

  73. K. Finn says:

    My favorite part of this fall will be school starting again. I’m in grad school and 3 months of summer is too long of a break for an adult who would otherwise be working in her career. Other than that, I am partial to football, hockey, and getting to get back into cardigans and light sweaters.

  74. K. Finn says:

    oh, and I just started following your blog.

  75. Lisa Harness says:

    The gorgeous colors & campfires!

  76. Lisa Harness says:

    Oops! I think I’ve signed up for your blog.

  77. Mary Altman says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the beautiful color of the leaves. I live in Rural Southern Ohio and the hillsides are beautiful with the colorful leaves in the fall. Even a trip to the grocery we look at the beauty of the trees and nthe hillsides .
    I do subscribe to your blog. I enjoy reading it.