America’s Favorite Bird

January 2013 was so cold in Hinckley, Ohio that bald eagles couldn’t get to the fish in Lake Erie or Rocky River. My guess is that the water was frozen over. 





Some kind souls decided to feed the eagles so they would survive the cold spell. They gathered fish and started feeding the group of eagles huddled on the shore.
No zoom lens was used! The eagles were that close to photographers.
Once the fish were thrown, the eagles didn’t seem to fear the good Samaritans. Word spread fast!
Eagles vying for the fish.



It wasn’t long ago that the American Bald Eagle was an endangered species. In the 1700’s, there were estimated to be about 300,000-500,000 bald eagles in North America. By the 1950s and 1960s, that number had dwindled, due to hunting and the use of the pesticide DDT, to less than 500 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states. America’s favorite bird was on the verge of extinction.



Today, through drastic environmental measures, bald eagles have made such a comeback that they are no longer listed as Endangered or Threatened.

Only treasured.

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  1. John from PA says:

    Were those pictures really taken in Northern Ohio? Hinckley is significantly inland from the shores of Lake Erie and the 2nd photo shows something that looks like islands and perhaps even a mountain, neither of which fit with the area of Cleveland (due north of Hinckley). The Lake in fact is so wide at that point that you cannnot see the opposite side (Canada).

    John (formerly from northern Ohio)

  2. John from PA says:

    The EXIF info on the 2nd photo indicates it was taken in early January 2009, not the 2013 cited.

  3. John from PA says:

    Great pictures but this got the better of me, especially about these pictures being from northern Ohio. First of all Hinckley Ohio is about 40 miles inland so certainly one can’t make the statement “on the shores of Lake Erie & Rocky River.” Look carefully at the 2nd photo. I see major hills, maybe even a small mountain over to the left, none of which would likely be seen from the Cleveland area looking North. The Lake is 40 miles wide at that point so we aren’t looking at Canada. Some further investigation indicates the pictures although genuine were taken in Alaska. Check out

  4. scott says:

    i’m betting those pictures were taken in Alaska

  5. James from GA says:

    These pictures are from Homer, Alaska.

  6. ed says:
  7. Karen says:

    John & Scott are right-they were taken in Alaska many years ago:

  8. Ken G says:

    My sources say they were taken in Alaska 2009 See

    This is really disturbing.

  9. Ken G says:

    Recieved reoply from Suzanne and understand and can see that this same story was posted by others. It would appear that it is very difficult in our todays society to be able to judge how accurate things can be. I really appreciated Suzanne reply and concers and wanted others to know.


  10. Bill says:

    Lived in Ohio for 35 years, you’d think I would remember the volcano shown in the background of the second photo. Check your facts, PLEASE!

  11. NEOPhotographer says:

    Remove this. This is not from Ohio or even close. It a shame that you would use photos from 2009 and say its from 2013. I HATE liars.