Author Spotlight: Jamy Whitaker

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This week please welcome Jamy Whitaker in the spotlight! To win a copy of her book Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask (Westbow Press), leave a comment on this post!

JamyShare a little bit about yourself. Married with kids? Empty nester? Do you work full-time and write when you can squeeze it in?

I live with my amazing husband and five energetic children in rural Indiana. With children ranging in age from 4 to 14, I write when I can find the time – early in the morning, waiting for cross-country practice to end or late at night.

And share something about your writing. What’s your genre(s), your areas of interest…

I enjoy writing to women exactly where they are – speaking to theirs hearts and needs.

How did you get started writing? Did you have a dream of being a published author?

I started writing a blog and it simply went from there. It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book, but I didn’t really believe it would happen; kind of like my dream to run a marathon.

After you started writing seriously–how long was it before you were published?

It took about a year and a half from the time I started my blog until my book was published.

Aside from a cup of good, strong coffee, what helps you get all of your “brain cylinders” firing so you can write well? Do you have any favorite places and routines when you write? How many hours a day do you spend writing?

Coffee is a must while I am writing, no matter what the time of day. I enjoy writing out on the deck overlooking our pasture, woods and pond first thing in the morning, if possible. However, with the kids, that does not always happen. My office, lovingly created for me by my husband, would be my other favorite place to write. I do not have a set number of hours per day that I write due to the kids’ schedules. Therefore, some days I write for hours at a time and other days not at all.

What has been the biggest help to you in the journey to publication? Writers’ conferences? Writing groups? Your mom as your first draft reader?

The single biggest help would have to be attending the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference this past summer in North Carolina. Through this conference, I met several facebook and twitter friends before hand that helped and encouraged me along the way. My husband has been incredibly supportive from the early stages of my writing all the way through publication.

Is the “writer’s life” what you thought it would be? (Explain your answer)

No, a writer’s life is a lot more involved than I initially thought; with building and maintaining a platform as well as promoting and marketing the published work. With that said, I still absolutely love what I do.

What are your biggest distractions?

Without a doubt, my biggest distractions would be the telephone and a messy kitchen.

What do you least like about being a writer? Most like?

What I like least about being a writer would be staring at the blank computer screen and wondering what direction to go.

I love getting all my thoughts and inspirations from inside my head down on paper and then having those words touch someone’s life.

What advice would you give to new writers?

The advice I would give a new writer would be to write, write and write some more. It does not need to be perfect, simply get your ideas and thoughts down onto paper. Also, do not get discouraged or caught up in the “number” game – comments, followers, likes; simply focus on the calling you have on your life. God will take care of the rest.

Pretend I’m a customer at a bookstore looking for a good book. Give me a one or two sentence promo to convince me to buy your book.

Hiding who you really are is a life hazard. Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask empowers women to let their true identity in Christ shine through.

What’s on the book horizon for you?

I am currently working on my next book. Staying in the same vein as Get REAL, it will also be a nonfiction inspirational book. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of next year.

Last question, how can readers find you and your books?

Come and visit me at or join my facebook page,

Thank you for sharing your writing life with my bleaders! (blog + readers = bleaders)

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  1. Betty Powell says:

    I would love to read Jamy’s new book!

  2. Rita Clements says:

    Thank you, Jamy, for telling us about your book! I find it amazing that you can find the time to write with such a busy home life, but then again, I should not be surprised! If it is God’s will, He will provide the time for us!

    I would love to read your book! Thank you for offering a free copy! I read as much as I can.

  3. kristen says:

    This book sounds awesome! It sounds like something I need to read for sure!

  4. Debbie Johnson says:

    Love to read new authors! Would love to win this book.
    Love to read! It relaxes me & takes me to places I would
    Love to visit! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful books!
    Debbie Johnson
    101 Fairway Dr.,
    Senatobia, MS 38668

  5. Cecile Benoit says:

    Love this .

  6. Megan Parsons says:

    I’d love to be entered to win this book. Thanks! makeighleekyleigh at

  7. felecia says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  8. Onyih says:

    Wow, this is awesome! God is so good!! I’ve been praying this year that God would help me reveal my true self without fear of rejection, judgment or censure. When I saw this post on your fb page, I think I must have gasped out loud. What a confirmation for me that this is the path I must follow…thanks for writing this book!! It would be great to win it, but even if I don’t, I already feel blessed! All the best…

  9. Jamy says:

    Ladies, I want to thank you for all your kind words. God laid this message upon my heart. It is so dear to me because I know how easy it is to hide yourself from all those around me. Each one of us needs to let our true identity in Christ shine through without the fear of rejection. God created each one of us and loves us just as we are.

  10. Teresa R says:

    Thanks for offering a free copy of your book, Jamy. It took a ‘suddenly’ moment for me to realize just how much God loved me. It’s a moment I will never forget.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for another chance to win one of your books. With my stressful days it is so relaxing to sit down and just read. 🙂