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The Amish are users of home remedies. I’ve bought all sorts of books that recommend unusual cures or treatments. Some are little out there, some make sense. Here’s a news article about honey that made me smile:

New research shows that honey works even better than over-the-counter drugs to soothe coughs.

From the article…

“Honey has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to treat everything from wounds to insect bites. This usefulness can perhaps be attributed to the idea that an enzyme that bees add to the nectar produces hydrogen peroxide, an antibacterial agent.

This is excellent news because… (1) honey is much better for you than cough syrup, (2) it’s cheaper and (3) it tastes better and (4) no side effects and (5) it just proves that Amish grandmas knew what they were talking about!

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