God, in Green Crayola

During a time of fasting, it came. I shouldn’t have been surprised, really, for there is much that happens through fasting and prayer that would not otherwise be accomplished.

He had, I’d noted, been asking questions the day of and the day before. “What is disobedience?” was one, and the door had opened yet again for Mother to explain about obedience and listening and what the Lord requires.

Sitting there that morning, my own heart burdened, yet soft, pliable, listening to His voice, the questions came again. And then I saw what he was asking.

Little Schrock, my five-year-old son with eyes of blue just like his daddy’s, was ready to take the step, to pray the prayer that would change his course for time and eternity.

“Are you wanting to ask Jesus into your heart?” I’d queried. Nodding, earnest, his head had bobbed, eyes shining clear and true. “Then say it after me.”

“You want me to repeat it?” he’d asked, wanting to be sure. And bowing his head, folding his hands, eyes squeezed tight, he’d followed Mama in the sinner’s prayer, and she led her lamb to Jesus.

I noted, when he lifted his face from prayer, that he was pink, flushed, as if he, too, felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. His countenance shown, radiating peace, and I knew that he had been with Jesus.

Full of questions, he asked me, then, about Heaven, wanting to know, if he died, what I would do when I got to Heaven and saw him. And what, he wondered aloud, would God do when he arrived?

“I would jump and shout!” I said, meaning it. “And God? He will say, ‘Welcome, Gabriel! Come on in. Because you let Me come in to your heart, I’m letting you come in to My house.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that Little knew what he was doing. He prays now, “I’m Your new best friend. I will obey.” And just yesterday, he sat down and rendered the trinity with a grateful and fervent love. In green Crayola. That’s Jesus on the left, God in the middle, and the Holy Spirit on the right. And God, you’ll see, has muscles.

About Rhonda Schrock

Rhonda Schrock lives in Northern Indiana with her husband and 4 sons, ages 22 to 6. By day, she is a telecommuting medical transcriptionist. In the early morning hours, she flees to a local coffee shop where she pens “Grounds for Insanity,” a weekly column that appears in The Goshen News. She is an occasional guest columnist in The Hutch News. She’s also blogged professionally for her son’s school of choice, Bethel College, in addition to humor and parenting blogs. She is a writer and editor for the magazine, “Cooking & Such: Adventures in Plain Living.” She survives and thrives on prayer, mochas, and books. Her new home in cyberspace is at http://RhondaSchrock.com.


  1. Karen says:

    What a precious testimony! With the eyes of child, your little one knew that our God has all strength and power….and I love that all 3 have smiles on their faces!

  2. Karen Lange says:

    What a sweet and blessed story. I am sure you will treasure his little testimony forever. 🙂

  3. Barb Snyder says:

    Little is such a sweet little guy and I loved reading about this again. It gave me chills. Blessings to you as you continue to nurture him in his growing faith.

  4. Beautiful example, Rhonda! Thanks for putting those special moments down on paper. XOXO Suzanne

  5. Donna says:

    Absolutely precious!