Unusual Word for the Day

Do you have a “stormy petrel” in your life?

stormy petrel STOR-mee-PET-ruhl, noun:

1. Any of various small sea birds of the family Hydrobatidae, having dark plumage with paler underparts; also called storm petrel.
2. One who brings discord or strife, or appears at the onset of trouble.

This is what I think is fascinating about this word: stormy petrel probably got its name as a reference to St. Peter’s walking on the sea.

The bird flies close to the water in order to feed on surface-swimming organisms and ship’s refuse. It is called stormy because in a storm the birds surround a ship to catch small organisms which rise to the surface of the rough seas. When the storm ceases they are no longer seen.

Isn’t the origin of words just…fascinating?

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