Out of the Mouth of a Teen!

This morning we were discussing the mechanics of getting two kids back to college at the same time, in opposite directions, and yet not leave our high school son home alone.

“Why not?” Tad asked. “I’m trustworthy.”

True, but I have never been the type of parent that leaves teenagers home alone and I’m not about to start now. But rather than climb up on my soap box to give a mini-lecture about parents who relinquish parenting, I took the humor trail.

“Can’t,” I told him. “Every teenager in town would end up at our house because their parents would assume we were home, watching their boys like hawks.

Besides,” I added thoughtfully, “the cops would probably arrive, discover a raging party and no parents, and we’d be inducted into the Stupid Parents Club.”

“That club is full,” Tad noted.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Woods Fisher writes bestselling, award winning fiction and non-fiction books about the Old Order Amish for Revell Books. Her interest in the Plain People began with her Old Order German Baptist grandfather, raised in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Suzanne's app, Amish Wisdom, delivers a daily Amish proverb to your phone or iPad. She writes a bi-monthly column for Christian Post and Cooking & Such magazine. She lives with her family in California and raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. To Suzanne's way of thinking, you can't take life too seriously when a puppy is running through your house with someone's underwear in its mouth.


  1. Ann says:

    I’ve been a card carrying member of that club for years. Just ask Laura and Ashley!

  2. where’s my post? not writing the whole post out again lol you missed a typo mods