Amish Wisdom Spotlight: Made with Love


Meet Lovina and Noah, standing on the threshold of the home where Noah lives with three Amish teens under his supervision…


Outside, the air was already heating up. She thought about inviting Noah to her parents’ house, but she didn’t want her parents to overhear. And she wanted to think through her plans before sharing them.

But from the attention she and Noah were still getting from the teens, they’d never be able to talk freely here either.

Noah must have read her thoughts. “How about we meet at Big Olaf’s to talk? A warm day like this is always a good day for ice cream.

“I love Big Olaf’s.” The words came out too hurried, and heat rose to Lovina’s cheeks. “I have a few things to do around home yet.” She didn’t really have much to do, but she needed some space to regroup   Keep Reading…

Essay Contest to Win Garden Gate Get-A-Way B&B!


A few years ago, I had the pleasure of having Carol Steffy on Amish Wisdom (back in its radio days). Carol and her husband, Herb, are the owners of a B&B called Garden Gate Get-A-Way (I’ve been there and loved my stay!). After 13 years of running the inn, they are ready to move on to the next chapter. They are selling their B&B and in an unconventional way… an essay contest! Keep reading how YOU could be the next owner of a charming bed and breakfast located in the Amish countryside of Ohio.

Wanted: new owner for an award winning bed and breakfast located in the largest, year-round tourism area in Ohio, which is also the World’s Largest Amish Community.

Experience: only the desire to own a bed & breakfast.

Requirements: 200-word essay as to why you want to own this bed and breakfast, plus a   Keep Reading…

Amish Wisdom Spotlight: ‘A Season of Love’ by Amy Clipston


Before we get to your talent for writing, let’s learn more about you as a person. What stage of life are you in? 

I’m married to Joe. I’m the busy mom of two (human) sons (Zac and Matt) and four cats (Molly, Lily, Rico, and Jet). My wonderful mother, Lola, also lives with us. Our house is never quiet, and I love it!

What is your go-to research when you’re writing? A specific book? A website? An individual?

I have a wonderful Old Order Amish friend who lives on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. I try to visit her at least once every year. Also, like most women in her community, my friend has a phone shanty. Her phone shanty is located at the end of her driveway, and she shares it with her father-in-law. My friend utilizes voicemail and checks it once every day. I often leave   Keep Reading…

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Many of you wrote to ask what happened to Anna and Bairn from Anna’s Crossing as they left the Charming Nancy in the fall of 1737 and moved into Penn’s Woods. Well, we listened to you! Anna’s Crossing will now be the first in a series called “Amish Beginnings,” with two books to follow. In September, I’m going back east to start the research for it. There’s nothing—nothing!—like original sourcing to bring a story to life.

And still more news! I have a contemporary series contracted, “The Deacon’s Family,” but it won’t be published for a while. First up is “The Bishop’s Family,” starting with The Imposter, which will release in early October.

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Amish Wisdom Spotlight: Wanda Brunstetter

aw-bn-the gift

As clouds, black and boiling, filled the darkening sky, Leah Mast pedaled her bicycle harder, knowing that if she didn’t get home soon, she’d be caught in a downpour. The muscles in her calves felt as if they could give out at any moment, but she ignored the pain, concentrating on just getting home. Leah had noticed the sky darkening before she left the house. So much for thinking she could outsmart the weather.

“Guess this is what I get for taking my bike instead of the horse and buggy,” she muttered, moving to the shoulder of the road as a car sped past. Too bad I can’t pedal as fast as that car.

Right after eating breakfast and helping her mother with the dishes, Leah had bicycled to Family Health Foods, a mile south of Arthur, to buy some massage lotion. She’d scheduled a few people   Keep Reading…

Amish Wisdom Recap


If you haven’t had a chance to take a stroll around Amish Wisdom lately, here is a recap of what went on this week:

On Monday’s Book Nook, we featured a Q&A with Beth Wiseman, author of Her Brother’s Keeper.

Martha Bolton shared about the sweet Amish community in Sugarcreek, Ohio during Tuesday’s Traveler’s Tips.

A reader asked, “What are the roles of deacons and bishops?” on Wednesday’s Ask the Amish

In yesterday’s Beyond the BonnetsErik Wesner shared about 3 Amish communities in the south.

Stop by today for a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie from Laura Weymouth on Cook’s Corner!

What is something you learned on Amish Wisdom this week? Or what would you like to see on Amish Wisdom? Answer in the   Keep Reading…

Favorite Finds: August

oreo balls

For this month’s Favorite Finds, I wanted to share one of YOUR finds! Thank you Vanessa for sharing your tasty recipe for oreo balls. Enjoy!

Oreo balls

Submitted by Vanessa Kroger

1 package Oreos 1 cream cheese 8oz Melting chocolate (white chocolate recommended)

1. Crush Oreos in a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin. 2. Blend in softened cream cheese. 3. Roll into one inch balls and placed on a covered cookie sheet. put a tooth pick in each ball and freeze for two hours. 4. Melt chocolate in a double boiler for the last fifteen minutes of the freeze time. 5. Dip each ball in the melted chocolate, and place back on the cookie sheet. Freeze again for one hour. ENJOY!

These truly are delicious and easy. Hope you try them and enjoy them.

Stop by @SuzanneWFisher’s blog for a tasty recipe for oreo   Keep Reading…

The Story behind the First Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate chip cookies

“You will always leave something behind. Your influence.” Amish proverb


My grandmother, Marion Woods, was a bundle of high energy. After her five children were raised, she decided to start a tearoom on the sun porch of her large country home called Eagle Hill, on Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts. When my dad brought his future bride home to meet the family, my grandmother handed her a knife and a bowl of tomatoes and told her to start slicing. After all, the tearoom was booked with lunch reservations and Marion needed extra hands. My mother, who came from an oh-so-proper home, was appalled. My grandmother didn’t even blink.

The tearoom was so well received that my grandmother decided to expand Eagle Hill and build cottages that surrounded the lake. She planned to rent out the cottages to vacationing families during the warmer months. In a rare moment of reflection, she   Keep Reading…

Amish Wisdom Spotlight: “Brightest & Best” by Olivia Newport



Amish Education: Public or Private?

If I asked you what percentage of Amish children attend public schools, what would you answer?

A. 0 B. 10 C. 25 D. 50 E. Other

Overall, the percentage is about 10 percent. In some areas with large Amish populations, however, the percentage might be 50 percent or higher. That doesn’t match up with what many of us expect.

A hundred years ago, 100 percent of Amish children were likely to be in public schools. The shift came not in what the Amish believed about education, but in public policies about education.

In the era of small, rural schools, Amish parents established understanding with teachers about what their children needed to learn. But when the general population shifted to larger schools in towns, and students rode buses to get there, Amish parents perceived a threat to their faith and how they   Keep Reading…

Friday Fun: Gender Wiring


Did you know …

A study of preschoolers found that 100% of girls’ vocabulary were discernible words.

60% of boys’ vocabulary were discernible words.

The remaining 40% of preschool boys’ language was . . . noise!

Guns, fire engines, machines, truck and cars.

Another study found that women have 50,000 words per day.

Men have 10,000.

But . . . we didn’t really need a fancy study to tell us what we already knew, did we?

Stop by @SuzanneWFisher’s blog for a fun fact about gender wiring!

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