The Now-and-Then Book Club

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anna's crossing eblast

Are you in a book club? Or have you ever thought of starting one? A friend and I created a casual “Now-and-Then Book Club” for our readerly circle. We get a group together whenever a book inspires us. It’s fun! 

Anna’s Crossing might be just the book for your club, or for a one-time event. It’s already hitting bestseller lists, and the plot—immigrants traveling to the New World—provokes all kinds of discussions, including some interesting thoughts about your own ancestors, who bravely made that ocean journey so long ago.

If your group reads Anna’s Crossing, you’ll receive a special package to “sweeten” your discussion, and, if calendars allow, I’ll Skype in or call in!

So why not set a date with your book-loving friends, put on a pot of coffee, and settle in for a time of unscripted, honest conversation with Carol-award winner Suzanne Woods Fisher (that’s moi!). Come on . . . it’ll be fun!

Schedule a book club meeting by clicking on my face in the image above.


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