‘The Letters’ Scavenger Hunt | Day One

Suzanne Amish, Books, Fun


Book one, The Letters, in my new series, Inn at Eagle Hill, is about to release on August 1. I’m hosting a scavenger hunt July 23 – August 1 around the world wide web! Each new stop holds an exclusive post about The Letters and a giveaway. So you won’t miss out on any day, I’ll be posting some hints about that day’s blog stop.

Today’s host site is less than a year old but packs a punch with some of today’s top Amish fiction writers as contributors. The contributors focus on simple living, real faith, and close community. You could almost say they’re Amish . . . but not quite. Who am I?

Not sure where to go for today’s post and giveaway? Click here.


And … don’t forget to see what I’m giving away today in the Anthropologie Farm Glam Giveaway (something new each day!) and check out Lily’s iPad Giveaway Extravaganza! Stay tuned to my blog because I’m going to be announcing some special news regarding The Letters this week!