A Day in My Life: Amish Skies

Suzanne Amish, That's Life


Sky gazing in Iowa was a surprising feast for the senses: the clarity of the blue sky or the sculpting of the thick gray clouds, the brightness of the lush green grass, the soft breeze in the air.

And the sunsets! I saw some glorious sunsets in Buchanan County. And the clouds were constantly changing and re-arranging . . . setting off coppery blazes. Not sure a camera could do them justice–some of the sights took my breath away.

Say, do you happen to know . . . is it better to say “The sky was beautiful” or “The skies were beautiful”? I prefer skies. Sounds vast and multi-dimensional.

Regardless of whether it’s skies or sky, try to stop and take a moment to notice your sky today. Really notice. If it’s an overcast day, look for shapes in the clouds. If it’s sunny, savor the blueness of the blue.



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“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” —Jo Walton

You can also check out my collection of sky pictures from Holmes County, Ohio and Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Amish Wisdom!


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