This Week on Amish Wisdom: The host becomes the guest!

Suzanne Amish Wisdom, Author Spotlight

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I’m truly looking forward to this week’s show. The tables will be turned on me and I’ll become the guest of my own show! Fun. Don’t miss Thursday’s show when the fabulous Sherry Gore (more about Sherry below), author of the scrumptious cookbook, Taste of Pinecraft, turns the spotlight on me and my latest release The Waiting!

Oh and don’t forget – just a few hours after the interview on Thursday, I’ll be hosting The Lancaster Secrets Book Club Party on Facebook. I’ll be announcing the winner of The Waiting KINDLE Giveaway (have you entered yet?) and giving away lots of signed books and other fun prizes! Be sure to join me at 5:00 PM PST (6:00 MST, 7:00 CST & 8 EST) on my Facebook Author Page for all the fun!

During today’s interview I’ll be giving away a copy of Amish Peace or Amish Proverbs – winner’s choice! Just leave a comment {HERE} (don’t forget your email address) and we’ll select one winner!

About today’s host: Sherry Gore is the author of Taste of Pinecraft….Glimpses of Sarasota Florida’s Amish Culture and Kitchens. She’s a writer/food reviewer for the Pinecraft Pauper, Florida’s first Amish newspaper, and a scribe for her community for the National Edition of The Budget. She co-hosted the Pinecraft Writer’s Presentation in Florida with Professor Emeritus Richard Stevick, author of Growing up Amish; the Teenage Years.

Sherry was featured in the 2010 spring edition AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT section of New York times best-selling author Cindy Woodsmall’s newsletter, Plain News.

She is a year-round resident in Sarasota, Florida, the vacation paradise of the Plain People, and is a member of a Beachy Amish Mennonite Church. She is currently chronicling the adventures of everyday life of the Plain people in Pinecraft for the second edition of Taste of Pinecraft, due to be released 2012.

This mother of three, and full-time caregiver of her twenty-year-old daughter, loves to swim in the Gulf of Mexico, as she attempts to combat her pathological fear of sharks. It is her life-long dream to ride in the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile.

She is the non-resistant owner of a double barrel shotgun with an affinity for pie. Her current WIP includes an Amish Mennonite cookbook devoted entirely to that affinity. She learned the hard way one spring day not to wear Chap-stick while driving an open buggy behind a shedding horse. Find out more about Sherry at her website:

About Taste of Pinecraft:
Unbeknownst to many folks outside the Amish and Mennonite population in America, there’s a village tucked away in the heart of Sarasota: Pinecraft, Florida, the vacation paradise of the Plain People.

Not your typical cookbook: Taste of Pinecraft is comprised of nearly seven hundred various recipes including traditional dishes like Sweet Potato Sweet Mash, Pan-fried Chicken, and Mrs. Byler’s Glazed Donuts, from Amish and Mennonite women across the country. It’s also chock full of new, refreshing recipes, such as Sunshine Baked Eggs and Strawberry Mango Smoothies. You’ll also find Florida favorites, including Fried Alligator Nuggets and Grilled Lime Fish Fillets.

Follow along and experience everyday life in Pinecraft through stories and tidbits about births, engagements, weddings, deaths, funerals, birthday celebrations, ordinations, anniversaries, wildlife encounters, and accidents told through several years of “Letters from home” taken from The Budget, commonly known as the Amish newspaper.

With more than two thousand year-round residents, and over three thousand Amish snowbirds flocking south every winter to Sarasota, discover why Pinecraft is known as the most unique Amish/Mennonite community in the world.