“You must forgive someone their little faults, or you will never get close enough to admire their goodness.” Amish proverb


In early May, The Heart of the Amish: Life Lessons on Peacemaking and the Power of Forgiveness releases. This impactful non-fiction book is for each one of us–because we all have someone to forgive or need to be forgiven by someone. It impacted me as I researched and wrote it! It changed my thinking about relationships.

heart of amish

In other books news…

Anna’s Crossing is on the ECPA April fiction bestseller list! It’s a story of the first Amish who crossed the Atlantic in 1737 on the Charming Nancy ship. There’s drama, humor, true-to-life historical information, unexpected twists and turns and, of course, love. Lovely reviews are tumbling in: RT gave it 4 stars; Publisher’s Weekly said, “This book is a winner.” From CBA Retailer: “Fisher’s extensive research shines in this well-written historical novel as she recreates life aboard a ship in 1737…  Unexpected twists and turns, and a surprise ending add up to a thoroughly enjoyable read.”


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